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Marriage & Divorce

Series: The Gospel of Mark

I’m hoping a little humor at the front end will lighten the load on the back end of our sermon today.  I actually considered dressing like this for church this morning, but I couldn’t find my suit of knight’s armor…  In all seriousness, this lesson hits so many of us.  In today’s world, it is rare for someone NOT to have divorce in their family somewhere.  Because of the prevalence of divorce in our society and the shrapnel that results from failed marriages, we all have been affected.  Family dynamics, holiday schedules, financial burdens, everything.  It changes our perspectives on what’s biblical for divorce, our expectations for our own marriage, our fears for our children, our emotional well-being—even our ideas about God.  The tentacles of divorce are long and insidious.  I have been affected by them in my own family.  This subject is personal for me.


This morning, I will share with you what I believe the Bible teaches on the issue.  I want you to know, however, that my views on this subject do not change my love for or fellowship with anyone in this church.  I will not treat or think of you any differently, no matter your marriage history or status.  Jesus’ posture toward the woman at the well in John 4 (who had been married and divorced multiple times) should be our way of relating to each other on this issue.  My aim this morning is to be honest with what I believe God says about this issue, while doing so in a loving and sensitive manner.  Divorce hurts, period.  My prayer for today is that you will be challenged by God’s Word, encouraged by His forgiveness, and called to a higher standard as we try to be more like Him.

**Cartoon copyright 1978 by Larry Thomas.  Taken from Remarriage After Divorce in Today’s Church: Three Views, p. 13

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