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Blind Faith

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Just Ask

“Let us know if you need anything.”  You ever heard that phrase before?  It’s usually an open offer made by someone who wants to help but doesn’t know how.  Often, people want to help us but they need us to tell them how they can best meet our needs.  The difficulty, of course, is that we often don’t want to ask for help.  To come back to that individual and say, “I need _________”, is difficult and humbling.  For most of us, we feel like we are admitting weakness or that we can’t take care of ourselves.

In multiple places in the Gospels, Jesus’ message is, “just ask.”  If you need something, ask (Matt. 7:1-11, 21:22; Mark 10:51).  The problem we often have is we want to fix it on our own.  How about just asking our Father?  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10)—what is there that He couldn’t do for us?  Maybe it would be good for us to be humble and ask.  We might find what we’re looking for, and work on our pride in the process.                                                                                                  


        -Scott McFarland

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