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Series: The Gospel of Mark

This morning, we will look at the story of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into the city of Jerusalem. It was his last entrance into the city before his death, and the stark contrast between Jesus’ welcome as a coming king and his rejection a week later as an outcast rebel is noticeable.

The question I often think about when reading this story is, “What were these people expecting out of Jesus?” He enters the city on a colt, people think he will come to save them from Roman oppression, but a week later many of these same people will hand him over to Pilate to crucify him. Fundamentally, I believe one of the biggest struggles they are dealing with is expectation vs. reality. We’ve all been there: something we thought would materialize hasn’t. It makes us angry. Reality can do that sometimes.

So, when reality disappoints, what do you do? Do you crucify the first person you can find, or do you go about trying to understand the situation better, make a shift if necessary, and keep moving? God is always challenging our perspective on things. As Isaiah wrote, “his ways are not our ways.” (Isaiah 55:8) Are we willing to trust the ways of God, even when they don’t fit our expectations?

-Scott McFarland

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