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Abundant Work

Abundant Work

Series: The Abundant Life

A Warm Goodbye

Nearly six years ago, Abby, Hannah and I packed up all our things out of the house we had just finished and moved across the state to a little town in the southeast corner of Ohio.  We knew of Woodsfield from friends at Ohio Valley University, but never spent any time in the town or in Monroe County.  The past six years have been a blur in so many ways.  We added two children to our family, weathered a pandemic, said goodbye to loved ones, and built friendships here in this church and county.  While we are not moving, we are moving on in some ways, and I didn’t want the moment to pass that I would get to give you our most sincere thanks.

I was cleaning out my office this past week and found my very first bulletin article here.  In it, I read this line: “Every preacher knows moving is hard—beyond the goodbyes at the last congregation, there is the difficulty of learning new names and faces, finding where things are in a new town, transferring all of the personal information to a new address, and getting to know a different area.  You all are making that transition as easy as it could ever be.”  I still remember the fog of trying to remember who everyone was, placing names with faces and remembering all of the family ties (and there are a lot of those!).  You all have been so gracious with us…I know it was not easy for you to listen to a preacher still wet behind the ears (I still think they’re a bit damp).  But, you listened and encouraged me as I grew into my preaching.  For that, I will forever be grateful.

I guess I just wanted to say thank you for everything.  I will miss preaching and teaching with you.  I love you.

-Scott McFarland

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