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Finding Your Gift: Part 2

Series: Privileged To Serve

Our VBS program "Lava Lava Luau:  Controlling Our Emotions" gets underway today.  In recent years, the subject of emotions-recognizing them and controlling them-has gotten more discussion.  In 2015, Disney released the movie "Inside Out", designed to help kids identify and understand their emotions through following the story of a girl named Riley and her family's relocation due to her father's job.  In the adult world, the COVID pandemic highlighted the growing concerns of isolation and depression in American society, and since then much has been said about de-stigmatizing mental health.

In the Christian world, we tend to live with an "emotions are bad" assumption.  We don't like the way emotions make use feel-out of control-so we usually ignore or suppress them.  We apologize when we cry in front of others, we walk away when we are mad, or we hide the fact we are disgusted about something.  What if we viewed emotions as God-given and, when handled well, used for good things?

This week, that's exactly what the kids will be talking about, and so will the adults!  Join us in the auditorium Sun-Wed nights from 6-8pm as we go through a video-based class from Chip Ingram called, "Overcoming Emotions that Destroy."  Chip is a Christian author and minister who will help us understand what the Bible has to say about emotions-particularly anger-and what we should do with them.  Join us and invite a friend!

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