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Don't Take My Word For It

Series: Light For A Dark Path

In the “Light for A Dark Path” series, we’ve spent the last two weeks talking about how important the word of God is for us to study and learn on our own, not just as a part of church one or two days a week. We saw how the word of God helps us find our way in life and how it helps keep us from sin and helps us fight temptation. For our last lesson in the series, we’ll take a little deeper dive into studying it for yourself—how do you actually do that? Is it even possible to understand the Bible without a preacher or someone to explain? (Hint: the answer is yes! ????)

The Bible is big and can be a complicated book, but the basics are pretty simple. The beauty of Scripture is that it ranges in simplicity from something even children can understand, to containing enough material for PhDs to debate and argue over for a lifetime! God has truly given us a gift in preserving His word for us. There is something for everyone of all ages, backgrounds and education levels.

I hope that as we close this series out, you’ll make a commitment to greater study and time spent in God’s word. Don’t feel like you need to know the answers to every question—there are preachers and scholars who spend their life studying it and still don’t know everything! Do feel like you need to spend more time in it to grow in relationship with God…it is His letter to you! He wants to reveal Himself to you and it’s all there—you just have to read it!

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