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The Bronze Serpent

The Bronze Serpent

Numbers 21: 4-10

Please welcome our guest speaker this morning, Joey Treat he is with the Global Broadcasting Network and will be sharing more information about it with us this morning.

The Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) produces solid, faithful videos to encourage members of the Lord's church and reach out to those who are not members.  Much of GBN's work is evangelistic.  The videos cover a wide variety of topics including how to be saved, spiritual growth, what is rebaptism, Christian morals, worship, the church of the Bible, and more.

GBN shows these videos on 21 cable stations, it's website (, a Roku channel, its own app (for android and apple devices), and a YouTube channel.  We know these are watched because of the large amount of feedback we get on the website's "contact us" form.  We get regular questions from those inside and outside the church.  Many times, these questions lead to Bible studies and baptisms.

With a worldwide reach and regular worldwide baptisms, GBN truly is a mission work.                                                                                     

~Joey Treat

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