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Series: Real Faith

Real Faith

The other day, one of my sergeants sent me a link to a video from his church.  He is a youth minister outside of the National Guard and has been teaching a Bible class at his church on Hebrews.  The video he shared was the class on Hebrews 11, which we often refer to as the “Hall of Faith” chapter.  In the class, my sergeant did a great job telling the story of Abraham and relating it to everyday life.  He and I often share what we are doing at our churches; he has been a great encouragement to me as we share Christ with the men in our unit.

As I finished watching the video, a thought occurred to me.  How many times have we read the stories of faith in Hebrews 11, not realizing that these men and women had flaws too?  We read about their shining moments, not the ones where they acted like real people and made mistakes.  This thought prompted the next 3-week series entitled “Real Faith” where we will look at three characters from Hebrews 11 and examine both sides of their life: their shining moments and their not-so-shining moments.  As we do so, I hope you’ll see that these people were just like you and I, and that faith is sometimes messy.  People can be incredible examples to follow in one moment, and in the next moment demonstrate something to avoid.  This is real life.  Join us and invite a friend as we examine the lives of Abraham, Moses and Noah in “Real Faith”!


Scott McFarland

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