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Angry Faith

Series: Real Faith

Angry Faith An author for Reader's Digest writes how he studied the Amish people in preparation for an article on them. In his observation at the school yard, he noted that the children never screamed or yelled. This amazed him. He spoke to the schoolmaster. He remarked how he had not once heard an Amish child yell, and asked why the schoolmaster thought that was so. The schoolmaster replied, "Well, have you ever heard an Amish adult yell?"**

Although I’m sure there are Amish that yell, the point remains that what children see their parents do, they will do also. Many of the problems we encounter in life are generationally inherited; they are simply passed down from our ancestors until someone in the family tree decides they’ve had enough and takes a different path. We even see this in Scripture: Jacob repeats the same favoritism with his children that got him in trouble with his brother Esau. Isaac tells the same lie his father Abraham did. If not dealt with, the things we hate about ourselves and cause us the most pain will be passed on to another generation to deal with.

This morning we’ll close out our “Real Faith” series on Moses and his anger issues. As we think about anger, would you want your children or grandchildren to handle themselves like you do? If not, I hope our lesson this morning will be the catalyst needed to break the cycle of anger in your family.

Scott McFarland

**Reader’s Digest. Link for story:

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