News & Announcements

News & Announcements

Blessings In A Backpack

The family at Woodsfield Church of Christ reached out to help 250 families in our school district. These 5 elementary schools in Switzerland of Ohio Local School District will see that children who need food on the weekends will be ministered to. Let's pray for those in need of food and reach out in love to help.

Joy Bus/Fellowship Building News

The Joy Bus Ministry will be cancelling the Bus Breakfast until the new addition is finished. We will miss the delicious meals, but we will look forward to having them again when things are finished. Thank you very much for your talents and support of the Joy Bus Ministry.

The children's worship went well last Sunday, and we will continue to meet in the Fellowship Building each Sunday morning until further notice.

The addition to the Fellowship Building has started and the deacons are working hard seeing everything runs smoothly. We thank God for these men and their love to serve God and the church.

The family is to be commended for their sacrifice to help build the addition to the Fellowship Building. On September 30th, the opportunity to help with the cost will be given to the church family. We appreciate anything your heart can give as we strive to help God's family grow.

Bus Route Captain

The Joy Bus brought in 10 souls under the sound of the Gospel last week.  We thank God for the volunteers who work this ministry.  We ask the family for anyone willing to serve as a captain on a bus route in Woodsfield.  if you are interested in joy Bus evangelism, contact Brother Keith Jones and he will explain the captain's responsibility.

Community Outreach

The community has responded to the good work of the Woodsfield Church of Christ. The work day in June 12th was admired by the public watching how a Christian family works together and gets big things done.

On June 14th, Arbors Care Center went fishing and the word of love and kindness spread through Monroe County. there are different ways to evangelize and using the great outdoors God has blessed us with can and will provide opportunities to share God's Word with the community.

We thank the family for your compassion and talents to help our community.

Covenant Christian Academy

It's hard to believe that Covenant Christian Academy is finishing it's third year.  God has blessed us far beyond what we ever dreamed.  We now offer grades kindergarten 4 year olds through eighth grade.  Our 501c3 status is pending and our accreditation process is almost complete.  We are renovation our third building for more space.  Lord willing, it will be done in the fall.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your gracious and generous gift of partnership in the mission effort in Costa Rica.  The 5 day Gospel Meeting part saw one brother restored and 14 requests for prayer.  The door knocking and canvassing saw one baptism and six very promising Bible studies were conducted and are being followed up by the local brethren.

One serendipitous by product of the campaign was a big leap of fellowship among brethren from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Romani, and other parts of Costa Rica as well as us five "gringos".

Many had never met one another, but while worshiping together made plans for more cooperation on future campaigns.

We praise God how He has used us to bring about this great thing!


Blessings to you,

Jeff Rich

Building Program

The addition on the Fellowship Building is underway and the blueprints are waiting to be approved.  We need more space in the Fellowship Building to host the family during Fellowships and Events.  We thank God for faithful members and the great blessing God has given us to expand the facility for fellowships.

Church of Christ Disaster Relief

Our thanks to the family for your support each Sunday to Disaster Relief.  In 2017, 16 states and US territories were ministered to with 10 shipments totaling $10,825,852.87.

In 2016, Churches of Christ helped 20 states with 326 shipments totaling $12, 263, 421.68.  Praise God that we can be part of a  Ministry that helps hurricane, tornado and forest fire victims.

Our own flood victims in West Virginia & Pennsylvania were helped by your support each week.

This family is truly a giving family searching to help others in need.  Thank you!

Eight Ways to Have a Winning Day

  1. Believe that something fantastic will happen today.
  2. Practice saying something good about everyone you meet.
  3. Take advantage of every honorable opportunity.
  4. Practice and believe in prayer-power.
  5. Have a positive outlook on life.
  6. Remember that you can't please everyone.
  7. Saturate your mind with positive thoughts.
  8. Practice giving yourself away:  give to others.


We are told to help bear one another burdens (Gal. 6:2). In Philippians 2:4, we are instructed to “look out for the things of others. “Pure religion is defined by James as “visiting the fatherless and widows” as well as keeping ourselves unspotted from the world (James 1:27). Paul tells us that when opportunity comes, we should “do good unto all and especially unto the household of faith” (Galatians 6:2). Then there is Matthew 7:12, which we have called the Golden Rule. “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them: for this the law and the prophets.” It is simply saying that we ought to treat others as we want to be treated.

In every congregation we find some members who, due to age and sickness, are no longer able to get out as they once did. They are confined at home with the family or else in a nursing home. Some are widows and widowers and all are of the household of faith. They are burdened in many ways. They have the burden of loneliness. Some burden themselves with the thoughts that they are burdens to their families and this is a great weight upon them. Every member of the church should respond to these people.

We can respond with a card if the person is able to read. A phone call will help. From time to time a visit should be made. A little gift often helps to lift their spirits with just a word to let them know that they are not forgotten. Little things mean a great deal to those who are no longer as active as they once were.

If we do not die young, we will all get old sometime. Some of us will be in nursing homes and confined within the homes of our families. We need to be reaching out to those who are shut-in that we might set the example for others to follow when we reach that point in life. Those who are young and able to go should treat those who are not as we would want to be treated in that day.

Let us not forget the shut-in.

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