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News & Announcements

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort

Dear friends,

Currently, we are sending supplies to Florida due to hurricane Ian’s devastation, and the destruction it caused. We are continuing to help Eastern Kentucky and Western Virginia after the flooding that took place there. Earlier this year, we helped tornado victims in Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma and Texas. We continue to send appliances, mattresses, furniture, and water heaters for low income and uninsured families to replace the items they lost due to these disasters. We stay prepared for the next major disaster with nonperishable food, personal hygiene, infant care, and prepacked cleaning supplies ready to ship at any time.

Thanks for your support and please keep us in your prayers as we continue to help others in need.


Yours in Christ,
Mike Lewis
Executive Director
Church of Christ Disaster Relief Effort Inc.

Mid-Western Children's Home

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Benevolent friends,

As Thanksgiving approaches, I cannot help but be mindful of friends like you who have blessed the ministry of Mid-Western through your thoughtful donations over the last year. Truly, I cannot imagine where our ministry would be without the blessing of donors such as yourself.

The year 2022 has not come without its challenges. The biggest struggle our agency has experienced has been a lower population of children served during the last 12 months. This is due to several factors, the primary one being the lingering effects of the ongoing recovery of the last few years.

But 2022 has also seen some milestones met by the children, house parents, and families who are served by our agency. By God’s abundant grace, one soul was added to His Kingdom, and many other children expressed sincere desire to be connected to His church through participation in extra church -related activities and worship services. We continue to see how God has blessed our ministry through the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth that takes place when we sow seeds in the hearts and minds of our children.

Matthew 6:19-21 exhorts, “Do not lay up yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” I wish there was a way to let you see directly how your thoughtful gift has positively impacted the life of a child. Please know that you are making an eternal difference!

Saying “thanks” seems inadequate but be assured that we are eternally grateful for all that you have given. May the Lord bless you and keep you in all your ways.

For the Children,
Barry Boverie
Executive Director


In the Bible, we see thanksgiving for blessings as a theme.  The Old Testament resounds with the people praising God; Israel had a history of giving thanks to God for the mercy and deliverance he showed them.   In the New Testament we read, Jesus "Then he took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven he gave thanks and broke them" (Luke 9:16).  At the Last Supper Jesus took bread and gave thanks and offered it to His followers (1 Corinthians. 11:24).  Jesus always prayed before meals.

With the holiday approaching, let’s consider some thoughts for thanksgiving. 

Motive.  When we give thanks to God, our sole motive should be pure gratitude.  Thanksgiving is giving thanks and that alone.  Of all our types of prayers, a thanksgiving prayer is the least likely to be polluted or corrupted with selfish thoughts or a subconscious appeal to manipulate God.  It is about God’s blessings toward us and our appreciation of those blessings.    

Knowledgeable.  Being grateful requires us to look back into the past, whether times recent or years past, and acknowledging blessings for which we are thankful.   Our culture is infatuated with the future and the result is that thanksgiving is sometimes neglected.  But to give thanks to God is to look backwards, not forwards, and to express gratitude for the good things that have come our way.

Comprehensive.  On the U.S. holiday, we thank God for the meal.  Sometimes we include more in our prayers.  We should, because we are so blessed.  God is to be thanked for our family, friends, housing, jobs, and possibly hundreds of other minor things.  Giving God thanks should be a theme running through our lives in times good and bad.  The Pilgrims lived close enough to the soil to know how dependent they were on God's providence.  In bitter winters with scarce food, they learned to thank God for all they had.  And they were eager to thank Him during times of abundant blessing, too.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, ponder and consider the many blessings you enjoy. Be grateful for these wonderful benefits and thank God for them.

Mountain View Church of Christ
Cumming, GA

Preacher Ponderings Chuck Schultheisz - Aberdeen, WA

“Erastus stayed in Corinth, and I left Trophimus sick in Miletus” – 2 Timothy 4:20

At casual glance this is one of those verses (similar to those in Romans 16) that seem worthy of very little attention. We tend to treat such passages as though they are basically worthless to us today. You know how it is when someone starts name-dropping people you’ve never heard of - you tend to tune them out until they come back to a topic of interest and relevance to you personally.

But this passing, seemingly insignificant little verse provokes some pretty interesting thought. If I had a friend and fellow missionary who had been granted the power to heal the sick, I’d be mighty upset and confused if he “left me sick somewhere”. A guy falls out of a window dead while you’re preaching and you bring him back to life (Acts 20:10). You heal the father of a man you’ve known for all of five minutes (Actos 28:8), and you yourself are healed once from a poisonous snake bite (Acts 28:5) . In fact, the power of healing is so present in you that handkerchiefs you’ve touched are given to strangers who are then cured (Acts 19:12). And yet, you leave me sick in Miletus!!

Poor Trophimus had to have been wondering, “what’s going on here Paul? You took care of all these other situations and here I sit, after travelling with you for seven years, helping spread the Good News to these people, and you just leave me here, SICK!? Come on, Man!”

This confirms that the healings that took place at the hands of the apostles had one purpose – to give credibility and credence to the message of the Gospel – to confirm that it was indeed coming form God. They didn’t’ heal just to heal. These miraculous restorations were not simply for they physical benefit of the infirmed. Their purpose was to produce faith in the Word. Trophimus already had faith in the Word. He already believed it was from God. He already believed in Christ. He needed not a confirmation form a miracle. The Holy Spirit, as hard as this is for us to accept, doesn’t heal just because He can.

Purely human logic leads us to believe that the closer you are to God and the harder you work to serve him, the easier your existence on this earth should be. But this little snippet about Trophimus reminds us that no one, regardless of their relationship to the great healer, regardless of their efforts to advance his cause, is entitled to a healing. God owes me nothing. I owe him my life.

Preacher Ponderings

As a young man I heard and read from time to time the old cliché, “You don’t know what you got till its gone.” But when you’re young and healthy and living a care-free life in the moment, that’s all it is to you – just a stupid cliche’. As I neared my fifth decade on this earth, I would come to learn how true it is.

Shannon and I knew it was going to be hard to move away from Monroe County. We just loved too much about it to think for a minute that we wouldn’t miss it all dearly. We could have never imagined just how different life was about to get.

To be near Shannon’s mom as she was dying, we moved in the Aberdeen church of Christ parsonage where we had lived 22 years prior. But as we would soon find out, it was a much different community than we had known and experienced two decades earlier.

Within a few days we discovered how dangerous the area had become. The county was, and is overrun by homelessness, drug, and violence. To get to our house we had to travel through the church parking lot which we learned was a favorite hangout for local drug dealers and prostitutes. Within the first week we had donned industrial strength gloves, grabbed a shovel, and scooped from the parking lot pavement 26 used-shall we call them- pregnancy prevention products, along with a dozen used hypodermic needles. I recall turning to Shannon one gloomy day and announcing, “You’re not in Laings anymore Dorothy!”

The days of leaving our doors unlocked, letting Josey Wales roam the neighborhood, and sitting out on a warm, quiet night listening to the whippoorwills were going to be nothing more than memories.

In the years since moving, I’ve twice had my pistol drawn on intruders. And on one of those occasions, the bad guy, who was masked and had a partner, also had a pistol. That was a scary night. Our flower beds are repeatedly used as toilets, and I don’t mean by the neighborhood dogs. That’s always a “fun” clean-up job.

Come to find out, it’s true – you don’t’ know what ya got, till it’s gone!

I really think this is what Peter is talking about in 2 Peter 2:20-21, when he mentions “…the last state being the worse than the first. For it would have been better for them to have never known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back…” We oft preached that this proves that some parts of hell are hotter than others, that there are degrees of punishment. But I’m no longer sure about that. Peter is simply reminding us that dealing with the horrible consequences of having gone along with the devil’s world is going to be doubly tragic for the former believer. He will have to eternally live with the knowledge that he once lived in God’s wonderful light, but now it’s gone.

We talk about how much those in Heaven will appreciate the faithfulness they maintained here on earth, but isn’t it safe to say that none will appreciate that faithfulness more than those who once had it but gave it up?

Appreciate and savor what you have right now in Jesus Christ. Keep your faith. Cherish his grace. Don’t’ move away from it or let the devil take it from you. Eternity is a long time to ponder the life you once had.

~Chuck Schultheisz - Aberdeen, WA


Abby and I are away this Sunday on a two-year delayed 10 year anniversary trip (thanks, COVID).  Consequently, my thoughts are on anniversaries as I write this article.  When I was first married, I always wondered how people could forget their anniversaries.  Of course, as a young newlywed, everything was new and exciting!  How could you possibly forget this wonderful day?  As time went on, I gained an understanding for how this can happen.  While I haven’t technically forgotten an anniversary, I have been guilty of allowing the business of life to interfere with the planning of a proper anniversary celebration.   Anniversaries can creep up on us, and by the time we realize the day, we haven’t made plans or preparations to celebrate.  While I technically didn’t forget, I did fail to plan.

Have you ever failed to plan for something?  Maybe it was something important and you realized that you also unintentionally communicated something in your failure to plan.  You communicated that whatever it was didn’t matter or that someone wasn’t important.  Thankfully, God didn’t fail to plan.  As soon as Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, He made arrangements for something else.  Genesis 3:15 is sometimes regarded by Bible scholars as the first mention of the gospel and prophesies the relationship between Eve and the Serpent: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”  This was ultimately fulfilled in Jesus, in His defeat of Satan at the cross.

Whether we plan or not for important events, I’m thankful to serve a God who is always one step ahead.  He’s always thinking of the next thing because we’re important to Him.

-Scott McFarland

Mid-Western Children's Home Update

Thank you for remembering the children by giving to us financially. As you may be aware, the cost of daily care and even finding the groceries available on the shelves has been tough.

We are trying to enjoy the last few days of summer before we begin school August 18. Our census has grown this summer; we are serving five additional children. The recreation program has gone on some enjoyable outings. We have had some work crews come to beautify the campus with staining the wood of the pavilion, barn deck, and replacing wood on the gazebo. Once again, I thank you for the gift to help the children we serve. Please continue to pray for them and the staff.

For the Children,

Barry Boverie
Executive Director

Your Help is Needed!

Last year, thanks to the generosity of the church family, we were able to send 100 MAGI boxes to bless children who without this program may not receive a gift for Christmas and would go without basic necessities. This year, in an effort to fill these boxes with as many items as possible we will be collecting in a couple different ways. The goal for the church is still 100 boxes but we want to fulfill the list this year! Let’s bless these kids in the best way we know how!

Here’s how you can help!

  1. Each month, we will have a designated item/items to collect and place in the bins in the back of the church. These items will include warm weather outfits, hygiene products, basic school supplies, and small fun gifts. There will be announcements and notes in the bulletin each month for the items we are collecting. The goal is to gather items when they may be plentiful in stores and hopefully on sale!
  1. Not a shopper? That’s ok! We learned last year that there are some items that make more sense financially for us to order in bulk from distributors and online retailers. We will have a special collection box in the back of the foyer for monetary donations to go straight to this ministry to buy items that are most needed.

This month’s selected items will be warm weather outfits. We aim to provide each child with a new outfit (shirt, shorts/skirt or dress, underwear, and flipflops). In the back of the church, we have placed the giving tree just like we do at Christmas, each tag will have listed boy or girl and an age range. Please consider picking out a child (or as many as you feel led to select) and shopping for them. Stores are marking down summer styles, so now is the time to purchase these items so we can bless the most children possible!

If you have questions, please contact Sherri Lallathin or RaLene Henthorn.

Thank you for your help!

Church of Christ Disaster Relief Update

Currently Church of Christ Disaster Relief efforts are sending supplies to the following areas and disasters: Virginia due to flooding; Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas due to tornadoes; Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee (appliances and furniture) due to flooding and tornadoes. Recently they sent supplies to Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas due to forest fires. They are prepared to send more shipments of food, baby supplies, cleaning products, personal care items, water, appliances, bedding and other much needed supplies to victims of disasters as needed.

What’s Your Preference?

I’m not sure if I care for either.  My grandfather played the banjo, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have that gift and I don’t know anyone in our family that played the harp.  We all have our preferences though, don’t we?  One person likes harps, another likes banjos.  One person likes musicals, another likes action movies.  One person likes board games, another likes car shows.  One person likes contemporary, another likes traditional.

We’re familiar with preferences in everyday life, but what about preferences in the church?  What’s the difficulty with preferences in the church?  We have to endure everyone else’s!  To be clear, I’m not talking about things that are doctrinal or clear mandates in Scripture.  I’m talking about preferences in the way we do things, and we can get pretty insistent on our preferences!  I’m sure you’ve seen people get upset about a lot of things that happen in church.  Most of the time, it has nothing to do with core doctrinal beliefs.  It’s the color for the new carpet, whether we should move the furniture in the lobby, the design of the new bathrooms, having a contemporary or traditional worship, serving communion before or after the sermon, when to do announcements, who we like leading worship, which preacher we prefer, etc.  The list goes on and on and on.

Preferences are not bad, so long as we remember to keep the main thing the main thing.  Never allow a preference to become a point of division and never allow preference to take precedence over the mission.

             -Scott McFarland

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