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News & Announcements

House Parents Needed

Mid-Western Children’s Home is in need of house parents.  They currently have a waiting list of children that would already be in their care if they only had families in place to serve them.  If you are interested in becoming a house parent, call 513-877-2141 or get more information here.


Having always been fascinated by snakes you can imagine my excitement on two occasions in visiting the world famous serpentarium. Bill Haast, the renowned herpetologist who owns and operates it, must surely be the expert of experts on the subject of deadly serpents.  Conversing with him at some length, I inquired, "Which reptile do you consider to be the deadliest of all? Would it be the king cobra, the krait, the gaboon viper, the bushmaster, or the Australian tiger snake?" His reply to me was this---”That’s like, asking which gun is the most lethal at close range? Would it be the 12 gauge shotgun, the .357 magnum pistol, or the 30-06 rifle? They all have what it takes to kill.”  

We could make similar inquiry as to sin,. Which is the deadliest? Would it be murder, idolatry, adultery, stealing, drunkenness, cursing, or just what? The answer of course, should be rather obvious--- they all have what it takes to kill.

The Scriptures declare, “each man is tempted, when he is drawn away by his own lust, and enticed. Then the lust, when it hath conceived, beareth sin; and the sin, when it is full-grown, bringeth forth death." James 1:14-15.   The apostle Paul wrote, "the wages of sin is death.”  Romans 6:23.

With all this in mind, allow me to ask a question. Why is it considered folly for a person to "play around" with a deadly snake, or with a loaded gun, and yet smart to "play around" with sin? The first two can bring death to the body, and the latter can bring death to the soul.

Be it known to all that God has warned.--- SIN HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO KILL. Therefore, let us "abstain from every form of evil." 1 Thessalonians 5:22. Shun the wrong, and do the right!

What Does Our Gospel Meeting Mean To You?

Our gospel meeting is here! To some, it seems that gospel meetings are nothing more than a traditional formality. It appears that some are willing to discard such efforts, to nail the coffin shut, because they believe gospel meetings serve no real purpose today.  Perhaps it isn’t wise to do away with such special efforts so hastily. Could it possibly be that the lack of support by brethren for gospel meetings and other special ways of outreach says more about our misplaced priorities than we would like to admit? While not trying to put anybody on a "guilt-trip", that may be a question that’s worth pondering. What does our gospel meeting mean to you?
Does our gospel meeting mean an opportunity to grow in our Lord? We all should be concerned about growing "in the grace and knowledge" of Christ (2 Peter 3:18). We are too long for God and his word as a baby longs for milk (1 Peter 2:2). How many babies turn down the opportunity to eat? They eat a lot, and they eat often!
Does our gospel meeting mean an opportunity to get our batteries recharged?  It’s easy for even the very best of Christians to become weary, drained, and exhausted. Gospel meetings can be like a breath of fresh air! By drawing closer to God, his word, and our brethren we can find new strength and zeal to "fight the good fight of faith" (1 Timothy 6:12, Psalm 85:6, Isaiah 40:28-31).
Does our gospel meeting mean a special opportunity to reach out to the community?  Certainly we should always try to reach our community with the precious message of Jesus (cf. Acts 5:42), but gospel meetings are special in that the entire congregation works together in an organized, united effort to reach out to our community.
Does our gospel meeting mean an opportunity to examine and evaluate our lives?  Honest self-reflection is a must for Christians (2 Corinthians 13:5). Gospel meetings provide an important occasion for all of us to look at ourselves in the light of God’s word (James 1:21- 27).
Does our gospel meeting mean an opportunity for fellowship?  There is a wonderful spirit of sharing, companionship, and togetherness in being Christians (Romans 1:12). During gospel meetings, it’s wonderful to see brethren from neighboring congregations who attend and participate because they understand the preciousness of the relationship we share in Christ (1 John 1:7-9).
Does our gospel meeting mean an opportunity for getting into God’s book?  We all may be sure that the speaker for our gospel meeting, will build up, challenge, stimulate, and even rebuke us as needed from God’s word. Few of us would turn down a good dinner invitation. Isn’t that exactly what a gospel meeting is? Our gospel meeting will be a wonderful time of worshiping God with our brothers and sisters. The Bible will be preached, and lives will be touched. When we think about what our gospel meeting means to us, it’s such an opportunity for us to show our love and support for the Lord and his church, it can’t be taken lightly!  How about you?

By Mike Vestal, Getwell Church of Christ

Fishing Instructor Class

The Fishing Instructor Class at Broken Timber has been cancelled. If you desire, a class will be held in Athens, Ohio, you may check with Keith Jones for details.

Looking For A Previous 30-Day Challenge?

The previous challenges are available under our Challenge Archives.  Feel free to attempt any previous challenge along with the current challenge.

Guest Speaker: Kim Matthews

On June 3, we were blessed with Brother Kim Matthews. Kim was one of our Ministers years ago. Since then, Kim has preached at Griffithsville, W.Va. and serves as one of the Elders. We are always Blessed with Kim and we thank God for using him in a powerful way to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

10 Advantages of Attending a Christian Youth Camp

1. It is not just another camp for young people. lt is a Christian camp directed by Christian people.

2. The purpose of a Christian youth camp is to develop young people PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, SOCIALLY and SPIRITUALLY (Luke 2:52).

3. All of the Bible teachers, counselors, and staff are faithful members of the church.

4. The Bible will be taught by devoted Christian men and women. This will be the best study some have ever had in the Bible.

5. Wholesome recreation and entertainment are provided and encouraged.

6. Friendships will be make that will last for a lifetime.

7. Leadership talent is discovered and developed at camp.

8. Many of those who are not Christians will obey the gospel while there, or soon after they return home.

9. Sending children of non-members to the camp is a wonderful way to teach them the Bible. It will pay big dividends.

10. Many of the young people who are Christians will return home much more interested in the work of the church. This will inspire others, and many times the whole church.  

Lift Up Your Eyes

WE ALL KNOW WHO SAID THIS... When Jesus spoke these words. He likely had two meanings in His mind. The Samaritan woman had left Jesus at the well, and returned to Sychar, which was on a hill. Her report caused the town folks to investigate. While Jesus and the Disciples discussed lunch, the Samaritans " were coming to Him " (John 4:30) from their position at the well, Jesus directed the Disciples’ gaze up in the hill --- look quite literally--- look up at the crowd coming!  But Jesus said it metaphorically. " Look. I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields that they are white-- ready to be harvested ! ( check the original and various versions of John 4:35). The disciples suffered from spiritual myopia. They wondered about Jesus talking to a women and struggled with unmasked questions.  Then they failed to grasp Jesus ’ meaning about spiritual food. 
Jesus directed their minds away from earthy grain (bread and harvest) to the grain of evangelistic opportunity : stop looking down at earthy things. Look up!  See the heavenly realities -- a harvest for "ETERNAL LIFE" .. They needed to see the Samaritans the way God saw them, as a long-prepared crop of infinite value.
We, too need better eyesight . We pass individuals (like the woman at the well) and groups (like the crowds) at Sychar) without recognizing their value in Gods eyes . We favor our own circle, and fail to see those outside our circle. Who are our Samaritans?  People who make us feel uncomfortable?  People with different languages, and  values?  People like refugees and immigrants?  People who lack families and run with gangs? People with a prison record?  Yet, Samaritans often prove receptive because they feel most keenly their alienation and needed.
What about ripe population? The Samaritan harvest had ripened after others had labored (John 4:38).  A ripe crop must be reaped, otherwise it ( ROTS ) .. Do we recognize which fields are fruitful, and the urgency they demand? 
What about people with (disabilities)?.. Do we under value and avoid them? . The disciples perceived sin behind a blind man’s condition, but they were the blind ones. Jesus saw the divine opportunity: this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in His life "John9:3". Jesus came " so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind. " (John 9:39) .. May he open our eyes, and lift them to see spiritual realities!  May we join Him in the harvesting “THE CROP" OF ETERNAL LIFE". JOHN 4:36 ....

World Bible School Director
Brady E. Smith

Senior Sunday

God’s youth led us in song, prayer, scripture, communion and sermon the morning of May 20th. There is a lot of talent and we thank God that the youth are willing and ready to share that gift with us.  The youth did an excellent job and conducted an inspirational service.  May God Bless you and may your walk with God always be strong. Keep your faith in God, Trust God in everything you do. Let your Christian light shine to the world and never forget your Christian family who loves you so much. Congratulations Seniors, you made it. Now go out into the world and let God be glorified.

The shepards were honored to present each graduating senior with a beautiful quilt from the quilting team.   The seniors also received a Bible and a Christian music CD.  These quilts are to remind each senior that they are special and always have the church to comfort them and keep them warm with love throught their Christian journey. The Bible is to feed them with Gods great and powerful Words and the music is to fill their hearts with the joy and excitement of living a Christian life. These gifts are from their church family at Woodsfield.

Joshua 1:9

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