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News & Announcements

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Faith In Action

We are looking for a volunteers for Faith In Action 2013.  If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up via the website. Thanks in advance.

Church & Christ

Visitation Facts To Know About Christ
V - italizes the work of the church
I - ncreases the attendance
S - ecures more cooperation
I - nspires regular attendance
T - rains for greater service
A - ffords soul winning opportunities
T - ypifies the life of Christ in His people
I - nsures a better fellowship
O - pens the doors of new homes
N - urtures friendliness and good will
~With God in creation (Genesis 1:26-27)
~Promised to the world (Genesis 3:15)
rn of a virgin (Matthew 1:21-25)
~Performed miracles (John 20:30-31).
~Died on the cross (Romans 5:8)
~Ascended to heaven (
Acts 1:9)
~Brought the gospel (Romans 1:16)
~Built the church (Matthew 16:18)
~Became the Saviour (Ephesians 5:23)
~Head of the church (Colossians 1:18)
~Is the way to heaven (John 14:6)
~Will serve as judge (Acts 17:31)


The Family of God

God is family·oriented! The home was His first institution designed to provide for the social needs of humanity. And when He brought forth His eternal purpose of an intimate universal fellowship, it was again within the framework of family; He established the church, the Family of God.

The church, in some measure, can compensate for the personal deprivation that has resulted from the mismanagement of our natural families. But the family of God was not created primarily for compensation. Our relationship to one another as children of God is intended to fulfill even deeper needs than can be satisfied in the very best of natural relationships. And as long as the Holy Spirit rules as our shared motivation and as the functional standard of our attitudes and behavior, those intense needs will be met in a loving, caring, mutually supportive fellowship.

The fullest blessing is realized when our natural family is also our spiritual family. But when that isn’t possible, God is still able to satisfy our longing for family security through the brothers and sisters He has given us in the church.

If you’re a child of God, don’t neglect the wonderful opportunities of family life! Commit yourself to really BELONGING to the family! Learn to know those with whom you share life’s most precious interests and hopes! Draw close to them for warmth and nourishment. Take full advantage of opportunities for comfort and encouragement. Share in the family’s joys, sorrows, and dreams. Love the family. Defend it, depend on it, serve in it, be a part of it!

The Whole Pie

The Joy Bus ministry was taught about loyalty last week. We all need to be loyal to God, family and church. Some people think that if they give God one piece of the pie a week, that will hold them over from Sunday to Sunday. ln reality we need to give the whole pie to God. The work slice, the family slice, the free time slice, the eating slice and the sleeping slice. We belong to God and we should desire to study and worship with others to educate and draw closer to God. We hope and pray that your heart is longing to be with others to study God’s Word on Sunday and Wednesday evening. lt’s important to God and your spiritual growth. Your presence at services encourages your children and spiritual family; Love God by showing Him you care and that the whole pie belongs to Him. Be loyal to God, family and yourself. The book of Ruth shows great loyalty.

Just Between The Two Of You

In Matthew 18:15 Jesus offers some simple instruction in interpersonal relationships which, if faithfully applied, will make the experience of Christian brotherhood more pleasant and harmonious than it sometimes is.

“If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you."

The Lord isn’t suggesting that every fault and offense, intentional or otherwise, be brought before our brother for an accounting. Christian love includes compassion and generosity in dealing with one another’s frailties.

There are circumstances,however, where confrontation is the only appropriate course of action. Under some conditions, love demands it. It may be called for in the interest of a brother’s spiritual welfare, when actual sin is involved and his soul is in danger, which appears to be what Jesus had in mind.

Or, it may be that we should speak to a brother about his offensive attitude or behavior because of our own immaturity; that is, because we lack sufficient love to "bear with one another.·" If this is the case, to speak up is certainly better than to harbor smoldering resentment in our hearts.

Obviously, such a direct approach to interpersonal relationships is not without dangers. However, our own experience tells us that it is far safer than the common alternatives. For one thing, it completely rules out gossip, grumbling, and backbiting.

lf a Christian lacks the love or the courage necessary to follow this rule, let him keep his complaint between himself and God until the Spirit is able to develop those qualities within him.

In the interest of our own happiness and of the unity of the Body of Christ, may God grant us all the desire to yield to Him in this matter!

A Child's Ten Commandments To Parents

1. My hands are small; please don’t expect perfection whenever I make a bed, draw a picture, or throw a ball. My legs are short; please slow down so that I can keep up with you.

2. My eyes have not seen the world as yours have; please let me explore safely: don’t restrict me unnecessarily.

3. Housework will always be there. I’m only little for such a short time.  Please take this time to explain things to me about this wonderful world, and so willingly.

4. My feelings are tender; please be sensitive to my needs; don’t nag me all day long. (you wouldn’t want to be nagged for your inquisitiveness). Treat me as you would like to be treated.

5. I am a special gift from God; please treasure me as God intended you to do, holding me accountable for my actions, giving me guidelines to live by, and disciplining me in a loving manner.

6. I need your encouragement, but not your praise, to grow. Please go easy on the criticism; remember, you can criticize the things I do without criticizing me.

7. Please give me the freedom to make decisions concerning myself.  Permit me to fail; so that I can learn from my mistakes. Then someday I’ll be prepared to make the kind of decisions life requires of me.

8. Please don’t do things over for me. Somehow that makes me feel that my efforts didn’t quite measure up to your expectations. I know it’s hard, but please try not to compare me with my brother or my sister.

9. Please don’t be afraid to leave for the weekend together. Kids need vacations from parents, just as parents need vacations from kids. Besides, it’s a great way to show us kids that your marriage is very special.

10. Please take me to Sunday school and church regularly, setting a good example for me to follow. I enjoy learning more about God.


Dr. Kevin Leman

You'd Never Know It

It is the number one selling book of all time. It is the reason the printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1450's. His initial run was 40 copies. It's been printed in astonishing numbers ever since. From 1815 to 1975 2.5 billion copies of it were printed. So many are in print today that no one can know for sure the exact number - estimates are 6 to 10 billion. During 2005, in the United States alone, 25 million copies were sold. (By the way, if any book sells 25 million copies during its entire existence it is deemed phenomenal). Revenue generated from its annual sales is estimated to be 650 million dollars. According to the Bama Group, a research firm, 92% of American households own at least one copy. It is the Bible.

But how do these astonishing statistics manifest themselves? How could I have known that 92% of American households own a Bible unless I read it in a report posted online? Look at the lives of most Americans.  Consider what goes on in American households. Consider what we watch, what we say, where we go, who we live with. Who would ever guess that all but 8% of us have easy, daily access to the Word of God?

Despite what you have been told or have been inclined to think, the Bible is nearly everywhere in this world. Even in China, where for years it was outlawed, 50 million copies were sold last year. The Chinese government finally realized that they could ban it   they wanted, the people were going to figure out a way to get it, so why not make a profit from it.

Why then, do our lives not reflect this easy access to God's Word? How in the name of common sense could we be debating whether the Boy Scouts should or should not accept homosexuality when 92% of Americans have Bibles in their houses? How are we buying 25 million copies a year and still have millions and millions of souls living in blatant disregard for God?

It goes to show you, my friends, that we are what we are because that is what we defiantly CHOOSE to be. Our disobedience and rebelliousness is not out of innocent ignorance. We CHOOSE to ignore! We CHOOSE to be ignorant. God has made his message of salvation available to us. It's right there on our coffee tables and nightstands, on our bookshelves, and in our glove boxes.

What good are all those Bible sales? What good is the worldwide distribution and availability if we‘re not going to live what we read? Find the Bible that’s in your house. Dust it off. Read it. Live it.

~Charles Schultheisz

Things That Matter in 2013

Now, as we pack our tinsel and holly from our last Christmas, we realize that quite frankly, we’re exhausted.

And the New Year isn’t likely to grant us much rest.  As we rush into a new year packed with goals, meetings and expectations, we must find a moment to pause and refocus.  It is critical also to take time to be truly introspective and grateful for our blessings, even as we strive to do better.

It is too easy to fill out our schedules with the activities life seems to require of us, --even church-related activities--, only to look from our planners or mobile devices and realize another year has passed.  Let’s purposely schedule time alone with God, meditating on His word as we make plans for 2013.

As parents, it’s great to give our children the opportunities to interact with peers and get exercise, but all the dance classes and soccer in the world can’t replace time spent studying the Bible or serving others as a family.

The recent tragedy in Connecticut shows us clearly the importance of time with our children.  They need us more than they need things.

We are closer today to Christ’s triumphant return than any point in history.  The time here we have could be decades, years, days or minutes.  The evil one seeks to steal those minutes away from us, keeping us mired in the mundane so that we lose sight of the eternal.

As we are the persons who will have to look back…and say…I now see that I spent most of my life in doing neither what I aught…but…what “I” liked.  So…may that not ever be said of us.  May we dedicate “2013” to doing what we aught – proclaiming “the Good News of Jesus”.

We are heavily involved in studying the Word of God in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi and Ethiopia and we could use your help.  We have students waiting for you to become their precious World Bible School teacher.

For World Bible School and the WBS Team
Deacon in Charge:  Brady E. Smith
Teacher – 740-472-1525

Co-Helper:  Mary F. Henthorn
Teacher – 740-472-0987


A Love-Song-Singing Preacher

The prophet Ezekiel had been designated by God as the watchman for the house of Israel (Ezekiel 33). In a nutshell, the children of God had chosen to do what they wanted instead of what God commanded. When children choose thusly, very bad things happen. Jerusalem was allowed to be overtaken by the bad guys. Ezekiel was instructed by God to remind the survivors that the pain and anguish they were enduring was the direct consequence of doing what God had told them specifically not to do.

The most interesting words of God in this chapter are those directed toward Ezekiel himself. God informs him that the people are talking about him “by the walls." They are inviting each other to the feet of Ezekiel to listen to his sermons. However, God reminds him that his audience will be there in body only. He will not have their hearts. They will enjoy listening to his words, as he must have had an interesting way of delivering them, but their interest will be limited to the sermon itself. When the sermon is over, they will give those words no more attention. They will forget all that he said.

God said to Ezekiel, ” are nothing more than one who sings love songs with a beautiful voice and plays an instrument well. They hear your words but do not put them into practice" (Ezekiel 33:32).

Have you ever become lost in a song? The melody was beautiful. The words, at least the ones you could understand, were meaningful. Maybe you even pulled off onto the side of the road so that you could really soak in the moment. Maybe you've experienced a live performance where the song was so powerful you became overwhelmed with emotion. But when it was over, it was over. You loved the singer, you loved the song, but it did not change your life. lf your life depended upon it you could not re-sing the song word for word, because it just didn't soak in that much. You are not going to put the song into practice. Your life post-song is going to be exactly the same as it was pre-song. You won't love your wife more, hug your kids tighter, be nicer to your employees, or run off to a far-away paradise just because Elvis Presley or Alan Jackson sang that you should.

How are you listening to the preaching of the Gospel? Is it just a song on the radio? Are you willing to ”get lost" in it for twenty or thirty minutes, but when it's over it's over? Are you entering the auditorium expecting to be entertained but not transformed? You are encouraged to take advantage of the time, study, research, prayer, and meditation that goes into each presentation of God's message to you. Take the given scriptures home with you.  Read them and pray over them. Allow God's word to make you a better spouse, a better friend, a better believer. This isn't about singing love songs. It's not about sounding great. lt’s not a performance. Preaching God's word week in and week out is about encouraging God's people to accept His grace by being as obedient as we possible can be. As we often pray, may you listen as for eternity.

~Charles Schultheisz

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