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From The Preacher's Pen

My sincerest condolences go to Bob Kenney and the entire   family of Warren Kenney, who went onto his reward this past Thursday morning. Warren was a fine Gospel preacher, having served the Lord's church in that capacity for nearly all of his adult life.

I first heard him preach in the little metropolis of Graysville, Ohio.  A member of the congregation that I was working with at the time invited me to attend with him one night of a Graysville church of Christ Gospel Meeting. I remember him saying, "You'll like this guy." He was right. Warren was, simply put, just a very likable guy.

A few months later, Warren stopped by my office and offered to chauffeur me around the countryside and talk a little preacher shop. He reminisced about his childhood as we drove thru the creek and up past his old home place. We toured some of his favorite teenage haunts, before he asked, "You ever been down on dogskin?" I didn't know if he was talking about someplace you go, or something you drink. Come to find out, dogskin is a road -- only in Monroe County! We ended up down in some holler where sunshine has to be pumped in. We visited one of his long lost relatives and then headed back to civilization.

It was only half a day — but a memorable half. His advice was encouraging, his stories were intriguing, his humor and wit were intoxicating, and the love he had for his family and his Lord was oh so obvious. Many years later, as we sat on Bob and Lois' porch, cancer having already taken a toll on his faculties, that wit was still there. Also there was an inspiring acceptance of what was happening to him and an amazing confidence in where he was going. If Warren was afraid to die, he hid it well.

I can only think of one passage:  Philippians 1:20-23

Charles Schultheisz - January 11, 2015

A Program For Reading The Bible In One Year

A Program For Reading The Bible In One Year

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He Withdrew To Lonely Places

Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and be healed of their sicknesses.  But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:15-16

I write this on the eve of a little known holiday - October 29, Hermit Day. My desk calendar states, "A day to hush the hustle and bustle, Hermit Day is recognized by opting for alone time - hopefully filled with peace and serenity."

One of the most interesting misconceptions regarding pulpit preachers is that they can't get enough of people. They wake up every morning waiting to be surrounded by people. to be the center or the room's attention, to be the church's most enthusiastic socialite. The fact is, preachers, like all of you, sometimes get tired of people. They long to be alone - sometimes just for a little while, sometimes all the time.

Hence, comfort is taken in a reading of the gospel biography of Jesus Christ. The first word of Luke 5:16 is particularly interesting - "but." This little word reveals that while people often wanted taught, and often wanted healed, he often didn't want to accommodate them. It’s a hard truth to accept. We want to believe that Jesus healed every single person in Palestine who needed healed. He did not. Why? Because he was often in lonely places away from them. By the way, "often" is not my word, that's Luke's word. It seems that from time to time, Jesus had his own "Hermit Day". This was a time for him to rest and to pray.

I'm afraid too many in the church are not taking enough time to withdraw to lonely places to pray. Your idea of a lonely place is the computer desk, getting updated on all the latest Facebook gossip. That cell phone is glued to the side of your head. You have to be talking to or texting someone around the clock You have to constantly be trying to take care of someone else's problem. You have to run here and do this or run there and do that. You're working so much to make so much money you can't even keep your eyes open at night long enough to thank God for the day. You should try once in awhile withdrawing to a lonely place.

Rest assured...if Jesus needed it, you need it!

~Charles Schultheisz
Woodsfield, OH

Is He Talking About Us?

Following the visiting preachers gospel meeting sermon, a couple of the night's attendees were standing around discussing the lesson. I asked one fellow what he thought. "Well, I thought it was okay, but my wife was less than impressed. She kept leaning over to ask me, 'Is he talking about us?"

Preaching the truth to an audience of fickle believes is a funny thing. As long as everyone thinks you're addressing some distant, far-away situation, or some other church, you're okay. "Boy, that was wonderful," you'll hear, or ”He really let 'em have it this morning didn't he?" But when you dare to address specific situations, clearly known sins, or topics sensitive in certain households, then, all of sudden, you become the trouble-maker, the meddler. "Boy, that was wonderful" suddenly turns into "Man, who does he think he is." You can almost see it on their faces. "Who is he to tell us how to raise our kids. He doesn't even have kids." "Who is he to tell me who I can live with and who I can't. He doesn't know what's really going on.” "Who is he to tell me that my divorce wasn't scriptural."

Preachers whose sermons are  with generalities and vague applications of poorly explained scriptures can last forever. No specific situations ever get called out. No specific names are ever mentioned for congratulations or praise. No personal stories are ever told. So, therefore, no one ever gets offended. He may bore his listeners to death, but he sure isn't going to offend any of them. Everyone gets the luxury of leaving the services thinking he was talking about someone else. He gets the luxury of having killed thirty minutes with words and collected a check without having to defend or explain anything he said.

These luxuries never seemed to be had by the apostle Paul, nor his audiences.. He commended the Galatians for once treating him so fairly and cordially. Obviously, though, not everyone continued to be enamored with his teaching. Some of his "friends" now considered him the enemy. So he asked, "Have I now become your enemy by telling the truth?" (Galatians 4:12-16). I've noticed though, as I study Paul’s letters, that his love for the Lord and his love for the truth overcame any trepidation he may have felt, or any fear of offending his audience.  

So...if the preacher has offended you or your family, what are your options? You can get mad. "You looked right at my daughter when you said that,” an offended, angry mother once let me know. You can refuse to come back - "I'll show him and that church!" Or, you can look inward, and consider why you feel so guilty. Maybe the Holy Spirit, thru the preached word, has convicted you and is awaiting a change in your lifestyle and your attitude.

Charles Schultheisz

New Bus Garage

The trees have been removed and a telephone pole is being replaced in order to make room for the new bus garage that will house God's three new Joy Buses.  We want to thank God for all the people involved in this Blessing.  God continues to suprise us with wonderful gifts and beautiful people who have compassion to see God's family grow.  A great big thanks to God and his church for allowing moments like this to happen.

How Fast Are You Willing To Go?

We were all waiting for the traffic light to turn green. On the other side of the light is a quarter-mile stretch of four-lane road that eventually narrows to two lanes. I'm waiting in the left hand lane behind an early nineties model Ford Ranger with a rusted tailgate and no exhaust. Looks like something that should be driven straight to the scrap yard. To his right is a silver Ford Mustang GT. Looks like maybe a 2011 or newer model. The GT on the trunk signifies a V8 engine.  The two drivers are talking with each other and laughing. The Mustang engine revs -- sounds fast. The Ranger truck engine revs -- sounds like a piece of junk.

The light indeed turns green and away they go. They're side by side for a stretch before the Mustang backs off and allows the truck to merge in front of him. The Ranger's driver triumphantly waves his fist in victory. The Mustang’s driver waves too, but not with a fist -- just one finger. The truck pulls into an Arby's restaurant and I decide I could use a roast beef sandwich myself so I pull up into the space next to him.

As we get out of our vehicles I say to him, "I wouldn't have predicted you to win that race back there."  To which he replies, ”It's not how fast you can go, it's how fast you're willing to go."  Over the roast beef,  I contemplated the potential sermon.

The driver of that old rust bucket was right. It's not always the amount of power that separates the strong from the weak, but rather the amount of willingness to use what one does have. Such can be said about faith. Everyone can have it. It comes from God, who gives to anyone who truly desires to it. Some, however, have chosen to drive faster and go further with what they have been given than others.

And to what end? Victory in Jesus for some and defeat at the hands of the devil for others. You‘re telling me that Saul didn't have more horsepower than David? He was bigger, stronger, better equipped. more experienced. He was the king! He had been given power beyond measure. David, comparably, was simply a boy - smaller and weaker - a lowly shepherd! Saul even offered his own armor to the boy, but it wouldn't fit. Make no mistake about it, they BOTH had been given faith and power. One was simply more willing to drive faster and go further. (Start reading at 1 Samuel 17 and keep going)

It may appear to you that God has given to others better faith and more power. You should know that the SAME faith and power is available to you. It's right there in God's word.  The same Holy Spirit is available to you. The same peace that passes understanding is available to you. You have access to all of it!  So the question is not "CAN you?" It's "WILL you?"

Volunteers Needed

Would you like to help us make a difference in the life of a Senior?  We are looking for people that are willing to give the gift of "Time" to our residents.  Whether it is making crafts, baking, working a puzzle or quality one on one time, our volunteers feel rewarded many times over for the help they provided in a making a difference in the lives of others.  Call 740-472-2200 to find out more about how you can help.  Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Westwood Place


We all recognize and understand the acronym WWJD.  What Would Jesus Do? And to be sure, we should be asking ourselves this every day, all day. If he would do it, I should do it. If he would not...well, you get the idea.

Would it ever be appropriate to ask WWSD? What Would Satan Do? And what would he do? What is it that makes him happy? We often pray, "God, we hope we've brought a smile to your face today." Possibly, though, the life I've lived today has put a grin on the devil's face, and that's a problem.

The devil loves unloving Christians. John lets us know, how the children of  God are identified compared to the children of the devil; "Anyone who doe not do what is right is not a child God, nor is anyone who does not love his brother" (1 John 3:10). So, continue to hold that grudge. Continue to have spiteful, hateful feelings toward your brother. Satan loves you for it.

The devil loves Christians who are constantly condemning each other. He understands that the most effective persecution comes from within. Oh, the delight he must take in seeing the hurt we can bring on each other. Keep on picking each other apart over insignificant, petty little things. Satan's smiling over it.

The devil loves a liar. Jesus said he is the father of lies (John 8:44). His entire mission is built on lies. He lied to Eve and hasn't stopped since. Want to please Satan? Keep on deceiving each other. Keep up with your hypocrisies if you want to please the enemy. Deceiving each other makes him smile, but deceiving ourselves, and attempting to deceive God probably prompts him to dance and shout.

WWSD? Whatever it is, let's make sure we do the opposite!!

~Charles Schultheisz
Woodsfield, Ohio

Fishing Day

The Joybus ministry enjoyed a great fishing day last Sunday (09/28/14). The fishing day began with a baptism and Heidi Postle caught the biggest fish. Congratulations Heidi. There were 37 fish caught. God Blessed us with 86 people.

We want to thank all the adults who helped the children keep safe while fishing. Special thanks to Martha Lee Ault for the use of her home and pond for the children. Clyde will always be remembered for the great hospitality and soul winning heart he had for the Joybus Ministry. It was great to see little ones catch their very first fish. Their smiles and eyes lit up with excitement and joy. This day Jesus was shinning thru a lot of people and we truly are blessed to have a great God who provided a wonderful creation for us to live in

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